ERO Report

Purposeful learning and focused inclusive classroom environments promote children’s sustained engagement in learning. Teachers effectively use a range of strategies to respond to a variety of learner strengths and needs. Authentic learning opportunities linked to environmental sustainability are a feature of the curriculum.

Effective transition is flexible to the needs of children and families and focuses on building partnerships that support meaningful engagement. Learning-centred relationships are promoted through formal and informal reporting to parents.

Students with additional and complex learning needs are effectively supported to progress their learning. Teachers adapt their classroom programmes to respond to the range of learners. Comprehensive, collaboratively developed individual learning plans are closely linked to each student’s specific strengths and needs.

A schoolwide focus on developing the key capabilities for success in life, learning and work successfully supports children to take increased responsibility for their own learning. Deliberate classroom strategies build learners’ self-management skills. Acknowledging children’s voice and choice is enabling them to contribute more meaningfully to their own learning direction.